Failure Is Not The Enemy

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The fear of failing has prevented so many people from achieving the full depth of their talent or potential. They never take action because they’ve become paralyzed by the thought of not succeeding.

I used to be terrified of failure that I never really explored many things to discover if I was good at it or not. I was scared of the “future embarrassment” I would feel if I failed. Mostly never thought of the “future accolades” I would enjoy if I succeeded.

I started publishing on medium last year after I’d finally gotten over the fear of people not…


Corruption is a learned habit

A habit is a routine or practice performed regularly. It is an automatic response to a given situation. Just like how every habit we have subscribes to this definition, so also does corruption. If you look around today, many of the corrupt practices we experience in Nigeria have somehow become the “automatic, and expected response to given situations” and not just because the participants of the corruption are “morally bankrupt” or “not disciplined enough”. If you go to the immigration office to renew your international passport for instance, it is automatically expected of you to…

I wanted to be a project manager/web developer


The few people I’ve told about my journey into data analysis have found it strange, and at the same time amusing. And the truth is I never thought I’ll be in the business of data analysis given the fact that I’d always hated anything that had to do with calculation or mathematics, mostly because our relationship just wasn’t working (LOL). I was indifferent about statistics on the other hand because it really did not stress me, neither did it excite me. …


Exploratory Data Analysis or EDA as it is commonly called is a process or stage in any data science project that cannot be overlooked or talked about enough.

This is where the data scientist or data analyst (as the case may be) “gets a feel or understands” the data he/she wants to build a model on.

In cases where the end product of such a project isn’t some ML or AI product, EDA can result in great insights and recommendations about business problems through pattern discovery, hypothesis testing, and checking of assumptions. …

I have been a data analyst for over 2 years now but this is a question I keep asking myself every time I submit a report or complete a (personal) project which took time, effort & skill. I ask myself this question every day. Sometimes I say to myself maybe my boss likes me that’s why he doesn’t complain about my “terrible” work.

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This turned out not the be the case, however, as I recently completed a data analysis project for a client on one of these popular freelancing sites in which the client lauded my work and even assured…


Python as a programming language has numerous uses such as web development, AI, operating systems, web and mobile applications, game development, etc. Recently, however, its use in AI, machine learning, and data analysis/analytics is where it has amassed most of its popularity, arguably. Its vast collection of libraries and packages is continually being employed by data analysts and data scientists to solve complex business problems, formulate data-driven strategies, risk analysis, and disaster management plans, etc, across various industries.


We will be exploring one of its popular uses; Predictive Analytics, on the Insurance Industry, using fictitious company data as a…


Music they say is a universal language. Virtually everyone loves and listens to some type of music in one way or the other. The way we, as humans have listened and enjoyed our music have changed tremendously over the past 25 years. The advent of technologies such as smartphones which also led to the surge in application and software development put music right at the fingertip of everyone who could afford smartphones (and smartphones have gotten really cheap over the years).

One of these applications that have brought music closer to us is called Spotify. This is an online…

In data analysis, concentrating on getting extremely good at problem-solving and logical thinking should come before putting so many efforts into learning new tools. When you get extremely good at problem-solving, your ability to learn and use tools needed to deliver will improve tremendously.

When I’m on a project, the majority of my time is spent on understanding and deconstructing the problem. After which I chart a logical path to achieving my aim. Upon achieving the two above and deciding on the analysis tools most suitable for the task at hand, I mostly just Google how to implement aspects of…

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